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Myths are not something uncommon and they are related to every filed. Like other fields, there are various myths you hear about SEO services. Basically, these myths are the misconceptions about SEO services, but have nothing to do with reality as they ae baseless and they need correction to generate awareness and eliminate confusions.

When someone wants to hire the services of an SEO expert or step in the career of SEO, he has to hear some annoying misconception about his or her work from clients and colleagues. Don’t forget that these conceptions are no less than myths and hold no value in the real world.

  1. SEO is a Scam

It’s the biggest misconception about SEO as some people think of is unethical tricks to get higher ranking. In actual SEO is a set of techniques that improves your website’s visibility on the search engine. By using these SEO practices, you make content and information more user-friendly and help them to search relevant content faster.

A professional SEO expert always encourages positive SEO services which benefit the users and search engine by providing them fresh, unique, and valuable information. If there is no SEO, the neither businesses can survive nor you users can find relevant information and they have to spend several hours to get desired website.

  1. You Need SEO Once

You have made your website, you get SEO services, your website gets ranked, and now you can enjoy top position in search results. But, in reality, it’s not true. SEO is a continual struggle and SEO experts have to maintain their positon once they get it. To ensure continuous organic traffic, SEO experts uses different techniques as without these efforts another website would replace you and will loss traffic.

These techniques include addition of new content, changing keyword strategy, link degradation, evaluation of search engine algorithms, etc.

  1. Google and Other Search Engines Discourages SEO Practices

It’s another myth that has no truth. Indeed, Google favors SEO practices and promote positive SEO techniques. It discourages black hat SEO that involves unethical SEO practices.

Google states that SEO improves you marketing strategy and you should use it to get better results. Even Google has published its own SEO Starter Guide to help people understand the importance of SEO. Likewise, it presents Google Analytical Tool to extract SEO results.

So, how can you say Google hates or discourages SEO?

  1. Social Activity Doesn’t Affect SEO

Many people think that social activity never pays any part in SEO as Google has announced that social media shares and likes has nothing to do with higher ranking.

No doubt, it’s true that Google doesn’t use social media metric in search ranking, but Google uses these metrics in another way.

Social media sharing addresses two major issues such as search engine discovery & indexation and content distribution.

SEO Myths that Create Confusion About SEO Services

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